British Carnatic Choir- uniting Britain through Music

Welcome to British Carnatic Choir- uniting Britain through Music

The British Carnatic Choir (BCC) is the country’s exclusive Carnatic ensemble of voices and orchestration of passionate children and young adults, music enthusiasts and professionals from Asians and Non Asians from all across the U.K.

The BCC is dedicated to the finest Carnatic Choral repertoire, focused with great perfection.As musical ambassadors, we come from different backgrounds and share our passion for singing and performing together.

The official launch of British Carnatic Choir with the Former Lord Mayor of Birmingham Late Cllr Ray Hassel, Former Consul General of India, J.K.Sharma, Chitravina Mr.N.Ravikran and Dr.Chithra Ramakrishnan, with the good wishes of Her Majesty the Queen and other dignitaries.

The British Carnatic Choir is the brain
child of Dr. Chithra Ramakrishnan, one of the country’s finest Carnatic Vocalists. She is the Artistic Director of ShruthiUK, a Solihull based South Asian arts and culture organisation.

– Asian Voice, 20th June 2015.

The British Carnatic Choir Premiere was held on November 7th, 2015, featuring some of the country’s finest and talented children and young adults and professional artists from all across the U.K .

The British Carnatic Choir (BCC) aims to create and explore Choral singing in Carnatic (South Indian Classical) Music and showcases the similarities between Carnatic ,Western and World Music while embracing the distinctions between them.


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Explore South Indian Classical Music, An Opportunity to learn a new music style. Participate in Group Singing, Enhance Vocal Abilities, Learn a New Language...

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The BCC seeks volunteers to support its activities and spread the joy of multi-cultural unity. Even if you have an hour per week to spare, you may contact us.

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