Lord Mayor of Birmingham -Councillor Muhammed Azim


The Lord Mayor, Mohammed Azim was born in Pakistan (Azad Jammue in Kashmir). His early life was spent learning, removing barriers, helping the community and trying to improve circumstances for them.
In 2012 Councillor Azim was re-elected as Councillor for the Sparkbrook Ward and worked passionately, campaigning on local issues and working with residents to improve the local area. One example was the creation of the Sparkbrook Health and Community Centre, which was a £14 million investment and part of a project to improve health inequalities. It was made possible by the hard work of local residents and now leaves a legacy for future generations.

The Lord Mayor lives to serve others in the community; he has been doing this for the last 50 years and wants to continue with the same passion and dedication for all citizens of this great City. As Lord Mayor he wants to follow in the same steps as the first Lord Mayor back in 1838, William Scholefield and the 249 Lord Mayors since; to uphold and carry out the office of Lord Mayor with dignity and honour.